The 1,000 Project

1,000 acts of kindness, compassion and charity. Documented.


Day 2 of the November Project 2.0, and coincidentally, Day 0002 of the 1,000 Project. The act is the saving up of all of my spare change over November, just to see how much I generate, and then at the end of the month, donating it to the charity of YOUR choice. Want to suggest a charity? Do so at

The November Project: Ladies and gentlemen.


I have been horrendously busy so I have not yet had time to announce it, but the fact of it is, IT IS ONCE AGAIN NOVEMBER.

What does this mean?

Well, firstly, I shant be shaving. Most likely.

Also it means that THE NOVEMBER PROJECT is back! The November Project, which is the challenge to…

‎1,000 ACTS REACHED. Thanks for everyone who has supported the project in one way or another! Let’s see how far we can take it- tally deadline isn’t until October 15th. Find out more at

Anonymous asked: Do you have any examples of acts so I can get ideas of what you ave done?

Sure! The following include my very first project, The Crane Project, and then excerpts from The November Project.

Crane -

November Project - Day 7, Day 13, Day 4, Day 11


Actually 509. Thank you so much to everyone who has gotten involved: let’s see how far we can push this! I wanted to perform 1,000 acts, but am completely ready to perform far above 1,000. Keep spreading the project!